Animal Totems

Animal Totems and Nature Spirits help you get back in touch with nature, develop your intuition and strengthen your instincts.

Learning to communicate with animal spirits is a process that takes time, trust and a sincere intention to ask for and receive their particular medicine. The Intuitive Learning Circles are communication tools that bridge the gap between literal modern thinking and the experience of intuition or inner guidance.

We are pleased to share numerous animal totems and Shamanic Healing Games on that are designed to help you move through all kinds of negative thinking, habits, attitudes and beliefs. Here’s how it works:

Below you’ll find a list numbered from 1- 11. Each animal totem meditation is numbered 1., 2., 3., etc.

The next step is to take a moment and think about what’s going on for you and then look at our SOS symbol below and ask your heart:

“Which healing meditation between 1 and 11 can use today to expand my relationship with my Soul and the planet?”


Be sure to trust the number that comes to you, then, scroll down to that number and click – you’re ready to begin your journey…

Use Animal Totems and Healing Symbols to Clear Your Mind and Spirit Through these Intuitive Learning Games and Healing Meditations:
  1.  Animal Energy Medicine – Tutorial I
  2.  Self Reflection – Tutorial II
  3.  Energy Clearing – Tutorial III
  4.  Practice of Empowerment – Tutorial IV
  5.  Design Therapy and the Hummingbird
  6.  Respect for the Planet
  7.  Condor Medicine – Freedom from Shock
  8.  Shamanic Healing and the Earth
  9.  Clearing Stagnant Energy in the Environment
  10. Are You On Your Spiritual Path?
  11. Creating an Intention that’s in Alignment with the Times



Animal Totems from Gifts from the RainforestGifts from the Rainforest is Soul Resources best-selling healing work book of 49 Animal Totems and Nature Spirits.

Use them as gifts to help you change worn out attitudes, habits and behaviors that are holding you back. The Intuitive Learning Circles® are a lot like looking into a mirror and the truth that comes back from the Nature Spirits will amaze and enlighten you.

Call upon forty-nine plant, animal, and nature spirits from the jungle and ask for their wisdom and advice. Receive insights, guidance and prescriptions for getting back in balance with the planet and your soul.

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About the Author:

Rheanni Lightwater is an Alternative Healing practitioner in Santa Fe, NM. She is also a Reiki Master/Teacher with extensive experience in Kinesiology, Feng Shui, Shamanic Healing and Holistic Healing.

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