Animal Medicine

Use Animal Medicine and Healing Symbols to Clear Your Mind and Spirit

Winner of the 2010 New Mexico Book Awards

Gifts from the Rainforest is Soul Resources best-selling healing work book of Animal Medicine and Nature Spirits that will help you develop your intuition, strengthen your instincts and get you back in touch with Nature. Call upon forty-nine plant, animal, and nature spirits from the jungle and ask for their wisdom and advice. Receive insights, guidance and prescriptions for getting back in balance with the planet and your soul.

Animal Medicine

Use them as gifts to help you change worn out attitudes, habits and behaviors that are holding you back. The Intuitive Learning Circles are a lot like looking into a mirror and the truth that comes back from the Nature Spirits will amaze and enlighten you!

Included is an easy reference chart to help you choose the animal medicine that will move you and yours through all kinds of negative thinking, habits, attitudes and beliefs.

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Medicine for Healing the Modern Mind

ISBN 978-0-9777080-8-6

8 1/2 x11″ manual

122 pps.

49 Intuitive Learning Circles

About the Author:

Rheanni Lightwater is an Alternative Healing practitioner in Santa Fe, NM. She is also a Reiki Master/Teacher with extensive experience in Kinesiology, Shamanic Healing and Holistic Healing.

Rheanni Lightwater


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